TMJ Treatment Near You

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder is a condition that affects the joints connecting your jaw to your skull. It can cause pain, discomfort, and difficulty moving the hinge-like joint. Fortunately, this disorder can be remedied as well as prevented. The most effective solutions depend on the extent of one’s condition and the underlying causes that have given rise to it.

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tmj treatment in midnapore

Common Approaches

Noted below are some of the most common TMJ treatments that our TMJ specialist near you can recommend:

  • Lifestyle modifications: Sometimes, simple changes in your lifestyle can alleviate TMJ pain. For example, avoiding hard foods, chewing gum, and clenching your teeth can help.
  • Pain medications: Over-the-counter pain medications, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, can help relieve TMJ pain. In some cases, our doctor may prescribe stronger medications.
  • Physical therapy: Physical therapy can help reduce TMJ pain by improving jaw movement and strengthening the muscles around the joint.
  • Bite splints or oral appliances: Bite splints or oral appliances can help relieve TMJ pain by repositioning the jaw or preventing teeth from grinding.
  • Injections: Sometimes, our doctor may recommend injecting steroids or other medications into the joint to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Surgery: Surgery is usually reserved for severe cases of TMJ disorder when other treatments have failed. It may involve repairing or replacing the joint, removing damaged tissue, or adjusting the jaw’s position.

Before any official dental work, you must schedule and attend a consultation with our TMJ treatment dentist. They’ll guide you through the process of TMJ treatment near you and be able to let you know which option is the most appropriate for your situation.

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