Periodontal Treatment Near You

Gum disease, periodontal disease, or periodontitis is a condition that negatively impacts the health of your gums and other supporting structures that are a part of your smile. The purpose of this realm of care is to prevent, diagnose, and of course, treat gum disease if it should arise.

The associative treatment can take many forms depending on the severity of the condition. At our local dental office, we provide effective periodontal treatment in Midnapore, AB. If you want to remedy this issue, please don’t wait to contact us.

periodontal treatment in midnapore

Common Forms of Treatment

Described below are just a few standardized processes that our periodontist near you can advise you to receive to address infected or otherwise unhealthy gums:

  • Root planing and scaling: This is an extensive cleaning procedure that gets rid of plaque and tartar from each quadrant of your mouth, as well as smoothing out your tooth roots and gums to encourage them to reattach to your teeth.
  • Gum surgery: This involves procedures like gum grafting or flap surgery. Typically, more invasive surgical methods are performed to treat advanced stages of periodontitis.
  • Antibiotics: Our dentist can prescribe certain antibiotics to control bacterial infections and prevent further damage to the gums and bone.
  • Dental implants: In cases where tooth loss has occurred due to the disease, dental implants may be recommended to fill in the gaps in your smile and stop bone deterioration.
  • Continual maintenance: Regular dental checkups and cleanings may be necessary to monitor and maintain periodontal health after treatment.

Overall, periodontal treatment near you is designed to restore and maintain the health of your gums and supporting structures of the teeth, such as your jawbone, which is essential for preserving long-term dental health.

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