Dental Contouring Near You

At Midnapore Dental Wellness, we provide several solutions to issues that impact the aesthetic nature of your smile. One option that is certainly worth considering is teeth contouring near you. This is a minimally invasive and relatively quick process; the results are immediately noticeable.

To gather more information about teeth contouring in Midnapore, please phone or email us. Our staff welcomes any questions or concerns that you might have.

dental contouring in midnapore

How Do Teeth Contouring Work?

Teeth contouring, or dental contouring, is a cosmetic process that entails reshaping and resizing teeth to improve their appearance. It is typically used to correct minor imperfections, including teeth with uneven edges, small chips or cracks, and overlapping teeth.

During the teeth contouring, a dentist will use a laser or dental drill to eliminate a tiny bit of your tooth enamel to create a more even and symmetrical shape. The procedure is typically painless and does not require anaesthesia.

With all that said, do keep in mind that teeth contouring in Midnapore are unsuitable for patients who need more significant changes in tooth shape or size, and more extensive cosmetic procedures like dental veneers or crowns may be necessary to achieve more significant changes.

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