Beautiful Dental Crowns Restore Your Teeth & Your Smile

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Our adult teeth, meant for a lifetime, often face challenges like decay, injuries, or wear. In such cases, dental crowns emerge as invaluable allies, serving as tooth-shaped guardians to preserve, restore, and enhance the natural beauty of your teeth.

Dental crowns provide a vital solution to protect, restore, and enhance the longevity of your natural teeth. Whether facing decay, cracks, or discolouration, crowns offer a lasting remedy, ensuring your smile stands resilient over time.

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Are You a Crown Candidate?

Consider dental crowns if you have a weak, decayed, or cracked tooth that needs protection. They’re ideal for broken or excessively worn-down teeth, offering support to large fillings and securing dental bridges. Crowns also come to the rescue for discoloured or misshapen teeth and play a crucial role in covering dental implants or teeth treated with root canals.

Understanding Crown Types

Choosing the right crown involves considering various materials:

  1. E-Max Crowns:  Ideal for front teeth, these all-ceramic crowns provide superior aesthetics, strength, and a lifelike appearance.
  2. Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) Crown: While a classic choice, PFM crowns are gradually being replaced due to advancements in ceramics. They feature a metal substructure covered with translucent porcelain.
  3. Zirconia Crowns: Known for strength and budget-friendly options, zirconia crowns work well for molars and bicuspids, offering durability and functionality.
  4. Gold Crowns: Representing the gold standard in functionality and durability, gold crowns come in various types based on noble metal content.
  5. Stainless Steel Crowns (SSC): Primarily used for molars, these pre-fabricated stainless steel crowns offer strength and are suitable for temporary crowns or baby teeth.
  6. Pressed Ceramic Crowns: Combining durability and aesthetics, pressed ceramic crowns feature a ceramic inner core for a natural color match.

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The Crowning Process

For a successful crown application, a two-step process is typically followed:

Visit #1 – Thorough Preparation:

   – X-rays assess the tooth and surrounding bone.

   – Tooth filing and reshaping create space for the crown.

   – Impressions ensure the crown won’t affect your bite.

   – Temporary crowns protect the prepared teeth while awaiting the permanent crown.

Visit #2 – Installation of the Crown:

   – Removal of the temporary crown.

   – Examination of fit and colour for the permanent crown.

   – Cementing the new crown in place under local anaesthesia.

   – Ongoing follow-ups ensure proper installation and recovery.

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Root Canal and Crowns: An Interplay for Health

Root canal treatments become essential when the tooth’s pulp becomes infected or inflamed. 

Crowns play a crucial role post-root canal, offering protection and structural support, especially for posterior teeth. 

Living with Crowns – Challenges and Joy

While crowns bring immense benefits, some challenges may arise:

  • Sensitivity or Discomfort: Temporary sensations may occur, easily managed with specific toothpaste.
  • Chipped Crown: All-porcelain crowns may chip, but repairs are possible.
  • Loose or Dislodged Crown: Prompt attention is crucial to prevent further issues.
  • Allergic Reaction: Rare but possible; patients may experience an allergic reaction to crown materials.

In reflection, these challenges are minor compared to the longevity and benefits crowns provide, ensuring a radiant smile for decades. Discover transformative dentistry, your trusted dentist near you in Millrise. 

A Lasting Smile Awaits at Midnapore Dental Wellness

Beautiful dental crowns stand as guardians, preserving the integrity and beauty of your teeth. Whether addressing decay, cracks, or discoloration, crowns offer a transformative journey toward a lasting and confident smile.

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